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Open late May through mid-October

9 am to 6 pm Mon.-Sat.

11 am to 6 pm Sunday

Fall Hours: After Labor Day the Adventure Mine will be
open 6 days a week, closed on Wednesdays

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Phone: (906)-883-3371



We are constantly trying to improve the mine and our tours and activities to make you visit even better. Here are some of our current/on going projects:

Mine Mapping
Trail Construction
Second Level Access
Also see our: Future Tours and Explorations page.


Currently we have a diesel pump working on dewatering the second level. We are also researching the use of a solar powered DC pump to keep costs down (as well as the fumes). This has been no easy task, as the location for pumping requires us to lower the pump down via block and tackle system.

Pulley System
Setting up the pulley system. This can be seen on the second level during the Miner's Tour.

Checking Fuel
Checking on the fuel level for the pump.

Mine Mapping

With a surveyor on staff, we are continuously working to improve our mine maps.

Vicky Surveying
Pendulum   Laser Surveying

Trail Construction

Over the last couple of years, miles of mountain biking trails have been carved out of the woods around the mine site. These trails are some of the most technical (extreme) in the area. The construction included building bridges, rock walls, and lots of dirt moving.

The largest bridge stretches 120 feet across a creek.


Looking down a new trail cut toward the finished long bridge.

Steep Bridge
One bridge. A steep downhill, followed by a sharp 90 degree turn.

Steep Bridge 2
The same bridge looking at a different angle. A steep downhill, followed by a sharp 90 degree turn.

Second Level Access

As part of our efforts to expand our tour offerings, we are now offering a tour through the second level of the mine! Read more about the Captain's Tour here.

Second Level 1
Climbing through the stopes in the second level.

Second Level 2
A wooden structure used to keep broken rock from rolling down and covering the tracks on the drift.

Second Level 3
One of the many pieces of copper in the wall on the second level.

Second Level 4
Climbing through the stopes in the second level.

Second Level 5
Some tunnels are still filled with water on this trip.

Second Level 6
A long abandoned shovel. Note the carved wooden handle at the top.


Tour Adult Child*
Trammer's $14.00 $7.50
Prospector's $25.00 $14.50
Miner's $60.00 NA
Captain's $120 NA

*A child is considered 6-12 years.
Children under 6 are free.

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