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Fall Hours: After Labor Day the Adventure Mine will be
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Future Tours and Explorations

We are constantly working to improve our tours. Our current tours only scratch the surface of the extensive mine workings inside (and under) Adventure Mountain.

The Second Level
The West End
Exploring Other Areas

The Second Level

Our two shorter tours take place on the first level of the Adventure Mine (the Miners Tour rappels down to the top of the second level). However, there are an additional twelve levels below that in some places (at approximately 100 foot increments on the diagonal). Beginning in 2009, we have been working to dewater the second level and were finally able to get into it in October of 2009.

This level has been flooded since the mine closed in 1920 except for a brief two week period in the 1980's when prospectors were mining some of the stopes for copper specimens. As a result, there are considerably more artifacts left in place including the rails from the tram system, timbers from loading chutes, shovels, powder boxes, a few tram cars, and even an old pump used for the original dewatering of the mine.

#1 Shaft Intersection
The #1 shaft where it intersects the second level. The rails are still visible.

The second level is approximately 3 times the size of the first level. Rather than one drift (tunnel) running approximately east/west like on the first level, there are three tunnels running east/west (like a giant tick-tack-toe board). One can also see where the #1 and #2 shafts intersect the second level.

Stop Support Second Level
A stope and wooden support wall on the second level. Note the size of the timbers.

Rob's Raft
Rob on the second level with about a foot of water left. Yes, that's a rubber raft- it beats swimming to explore in 40 degree water.

Additional photos are available on our Projects page.

The West End

The main drift on the first level of the mine (the Prospectors Tour covers the entire length of this drift) actually continues east of the first intersection of the mine (point 0+00 in surveying terms). This tunnel was buried sometime in the past, and was partially dug out in 2008 and enlarged in 2009. The tunnel extends an additional 1300 feet. Old air lines, rails, ladders, and a few additional stopes are located in this stretch of the tunnel, which eventually dead ends.

Writing at the end of the drift. Note the date: August 11, 1919.

Exploring in Other Areas

While much of the Adventure Mine is a fairly regular design (straight tunnels, 90 degree turns/intersections, etc) other parts of the mine are very irregular and even unmapped. The following images are from different areas that have been explored. Describing where exactly where they are is not always possible.

Ice Cave Deck
Old wooden scaffolding supports some broken rock at the top of stope.

Top of second level stope
Guides at the top of a second level stope, near the bottom of the #1 winze.

Drilling and Blasting with Tech
A drilling and blasting class from Michigan Tech came to practice drilling with an air powered jackleg drill. The holes they drilled are visible on the way on the Prospector's Tour.

Rapelling into the #2
Rob getting ready to rappel down the #2 shaft- inside the fence where the Trammer's Tour starts and ends, and where the Prospector's Tour ends.

Inside the #2 Shaft
In the #2 shaft, where it meets the second level (before the water was pumped out).


Tour Adult Child*
Trammer's $14.00 $7.50
Prospector's $25.00 $14.50
Miner's $60.00 NA
Captain's $120 NA

*A child is considered 6-12 years.
Children under 6 are free.

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