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Open late May through mid-October

9 am to 6 pm Mon.-Sat.

11 am to 6 pm Sunday

Fall Hours: After Labor Day the Adventure Mine will be
open 6 days a week, closed on Wednesdays

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Phone: 906-883-3371


Copper Sales

The Adventure Mining Company wholesales many natural copper products sourced from Michigan's Copper Country.

We now have an online store!


Please Note: Our store is still currently under construction, but new products are being added daily. If you don't see what you need, please contact us and we can help!

Native Copper 2
Native copper nuggets.

Our primary offerings are:

Natural Native Tumbled Copper Nuggets:

These nuggets are available in any size range from 1/4” up to 6”+. Nuggets are sold on a per-pound basis, or per-flat basis (for smaller nuggets).

Tumbled native copper nuggets from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This area known as the "Copper Country" or the "Keweenaw Peninsula" is known world wide for it's extremely pure and unique copper specimens.

Great for resale or use for jewelry making, medical uses, metaphysical properties, decorative pieces, educational and many others.

There are no purer natural native copper nuggets available anywhere. These have been tumbled and sorted by size. All are 100% pure native natural copper. Nothing ever from smelters or other sources! The copper has never been heated, melted or cast. These nuggets do sometimes contain some host rock as can be seen in the pictures.The pictures show average random samplings.

I tumble and sort these nuggets and sell them on a retail and wholesale basis. If you need large quantities contact me and I can help! I sell to many retailers who re-sell these at various shows, stores, even Ebay!

Bucket of Nuggets

Buckets full of various sizes of copper nuggets.

Native Copper1
Larger native copper nuggets.

Native “Hackley” Copper:

This copper is basically “as formed” in the local host rock. Cleaned and lacquered to retain it's natural beauty.

Hackley Copper
Some pieces of native "Hackley" copper.

Natural or Polished “Float” (Glacial Drift) Copper:

We can provide this in most any size range, contact us for more information.

Polished Float Copper
Polished "float" copper.

Other Native Copper:

We have natural copper from dust to multiple ton pieces! Let us know what you are looking for...we probably have it!

Float Copper
A piece of float copper, approximately 1500lbs.


Tour Adult Child*
Trammer's $14.00 $7.50
Prospector's $25.00 $14.50
Miner's $60.00 NA
Captain's $120 NA

*A child is considered 6-12 years.
Children under 6 are free.

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