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Open late May through mid-October

9 am to 6 pm Mon.-Sat.

11 am to 6 pm Sunday

Fall Hours: After Labor Day the Adventure Mine will be
open 6 days a week, closed on Wednesdays

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Phone: (906)-883-3371


Adventure Trails and Recreation

Biking and Hiking Trails

Adventure Mine now has approximately 4 miles of biking and hiking trails around the mine site. These trails weave around many of the old mine building foundations, and historic pits on the site. The trails are open year round (except for the underground portion which is only available during the Miner's Revenge Bike Race). Please stop by and let us know you are here and we can provide you with a map.

Trail Map

View a printable trail map Here

Miner's Revenge

The Miner's Revenge Mountain Bike Race will be held in July 2017, dates to be announced. More information can be found at The race circles around the mine site, up, over, and down Adventure Mountain and Greenland Bluff, through foundations, and then through the first level of the mine from the #1 adit to the #2 (approximately 2000 feet). See a video about the 2009 race here.

Miner's Revenge Logo

A biker squeezing through the low section of the mine.

Light trails from a biker's lights coming in the Number 2 adit.

A biker exiting the Number 1 adit.


Tour Adult Child*
Trammer's $14.00 $7.50
Prospector's $25.00 $14.50
Miner's $60.00 NA
Captain's $120 NA

*A child is considered 6-12 years.
Children under 6 are free.

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