We are CLOSED for the season!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who toured with us during this challenging year. There were hurdles to overcome, but we were pleased to adventure with so many of you this season. The Mine will reopen Memorial Day weekend 2021. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep adventuring!


General Information

Our tours are as authentic as you'll ever find. No fancy lights or modern marvels here, just real mining the way it really was! All guests are furnished with a hard hat and headlamp. There are no other lights underground, period. Trails underground are sometimes rough so wear appropriate footwear. The temperature in the mine is 48 degrees regardless of outside air temperature. A light jacket is recommended. Cameras are always welcome! Tour specific details are listed below.

There are no set times for tours to start, we offer tours on a first come, first serve basis. Generally we can get you tour started within 15 minutes of your arrival. If you are bringing a large group, we appreciate a heads up so we can plan ahead for you. We also ask that Miner's Tours start before 3:00pm (eastern time).

  • Trammer's Tour


    Adult: $18.00
    Child (6-12yr): $8.00
    Child (0-5yr): Free

    Enter the Adventure Mine by the No. 2 adit and experience the miner's life underground. Walk through tunnels and see large rooms where pure copper and silver was removed. View copper still in place within the rock walls of the mine. Participants are provided with hard hats and headlamps. A light jacket and good walking shoes are recommended. Tour lasts 45-60 minutes. No age restrictions on this tour.

  • Prospector's Tour

    Adult: $28.00
    Child (6-12yr): $14.50
    Child (0-5yr): Free

    Covering close to three times the length of our Trammer's Tour, this 1-hour 20-min. hike provides experiences you won't soon forget! This tour incorporates all of the Trammer's experiences and much more. Enter by the No. 1 adit and see solid pieces of native copper weighing hundreds of pounds left behind by earlier miners. Walk through the largest rooms of the mine and past shafts to lower levels. Helmets and headlamps are provided. Some limited maneuvering through low spots is required. Trails are rough with uneven footing. A light jacket and good walking shoes are recommended. Allow at least one and a half hours of time for this tour. No age restrictions on this tour.

  • Miner's Tour

    Adult: $65.00
    Child (6-12yr): NA
    Child (0-5yr): NA

    For the truly adventuresome, this excursion has no equal. If you want to try rappelling down a mine shaft in total darkness and crawling through low areas and down slopes, this is for you! This tour begins the same as our Prospectors Tour, including all aspects of it, but then parts ways by offering the most unique experience anywhere. Use a rappelling harness and gear to descend 80 feet to a lower level of the mine, crawl through several small areas, and hike through some of the oldest and most interesting parts of the mine. The tour finishes with the choice is either cross our daring swing bridge, or leave by the traditional 10ft slide. Spanning a 30ft chasm, the bridge leads you over a steep stope connecting the second level to the third, to the other side, where you will once again meet up with those not brave enough to cross with you. There is an overhead safety line that you will clip in to as you cross.

    All participants will be provided with harness and rappelling equipment. All guides are trained in safe ropework and will provide all required instruction. Participants will possibly get muddy and wet. Anyone considering this tour must be in good physical health and able to negotiate walking on uneven and steep terrain. A light jacket, good walking shoes, and long pants are recommended. No open toed shoes. Approximately 3 hours in length, depending on your group size. Suggested minimum age of 12 years old.

  • Captains's Tour

    Adult: $125.00
    Child (6-12yr): NA
    Child (0-5yr): NA

    Reservations are required. Please call for more information.

    This 5 to 6 hour tour will take you on an extensive journey through almost all of the first level and second level workings of the Adventure Mine. A pasty lunch underground is included. Tour requires participants to be in good physical condition, have the ability to complete training exercises, and be approved by mine staff before start of tour. It also requires the ability to walk 2+ miles on uneven terrain, negotiate sloped trails with loose footing. All participants will be carefully screened and the Adventure Mine staff reserves the right to restrict tour participation for any reason that may jeopardize the safety of participants and/or staff. All participants will be provided with needed safety gear and will be required to carry a backpack weighing approximately 10 pounds for the entire length of the tour. A minimum age of 13 years will be strictly enforced. Please note also that there are portions of this tour where you will be a minimum of a 40 minute walk/climb to the nearest mine exit. Any participants on this tour need to consider any medical or other conditions that could create situations where this might be a problem. Maximum group size is limited to six persons and a minimum of two participants is required. As with all our tours, absolutely no mineral or artifact collecting is permitted.

    So, is it worth it? Absolutely! This is the most in-depth hands-on tour available anywhere that we know of. You will see portions of the mine that have been completely submerged since the early 1900s and still look basically as they did 100 years ago. You will be accompanied by two knowledgeable guides for the length of the tour. The tour begins on the first level of the mine and then descends an interior shaft to the second level where most of the tour takes place. You will see rails, timbers, carts, and many other artifacts not seen anywhere else in the mine. If you have participated in our Miner's Tour in the past, this tour covers entirely different areas and is much, much more extensive.

    Tours begin at 10:00 am (Eastern Time) and will last for approximately 5 to 6 hours. Reservations are required. Pasty lunch is included. Call (906) 883-3371 for more information. Cost is $120.00 per participant.

  • Mining Educational Program

    Mining Educational Program

    Experience mining underground with our 6-hour drilling workshops. Starting with historic methods and progressing to more recent technology, learn to use the tools and techniques of the Keweenaw miners. Participants will set up and operate air compressors, pneumatic jack-leg rock drills, and learn many tasks related to the safe and efficient uses of the equip `ment. All required safety gear and training is provided. Participants must be in adequate physical shape to be standing and walking during the program and able to lift 50 pounds. Clothing will potentially get wet and dirty. Lunch is provided.

    Underground Mining Program


    This six hour program will provide the opportunity for participants to learn about, set up and operate mining equipment. Topics will include- • History and techniques of hand drilling
    • Technologies used in the copper country and modern technologies in use worldwide today
    • Unique difficulties of native copper mining
    • Safety aspects of mining and hands on training
    • Verifying mine safety and addressing poor ground conditions
    • Compressed air safety including compressor operation and safe air line practices
    • Set up and operation of pneumatic rock drills
    • Theory, use, and installation of rock bolts and other roof support technologies
    • Explosives theory and technique

    Workshop Format:

    Participants will be in a small group from two to six persons. All participants must be in good physical shape, able to stand and walk on uneven terrain, and able to lift 50 pounds.

    The workshops will be conversation and hands-on based instruction while maintaining a very safety oriented environment. Participants are encouraged and expected to ask questions and engage in this unique opportunity, and should expect it to be physically demanding, physically dirty, and fun.

    All safety gear including hardhats, lights, gloves, safety glasses, hearing Protection, and safety footwear is provided and must be worn when appropriate. Equipment is heavy and can be challenging to move and operate, we will assist as necessary to encourage participation. Liability waivers must be signed by all participants.


    Fees are $280 per participant and include lunch. Workshops are by reservation only.


    Workshops are conducted at the Adventure Mine location and are offered June through mid-October.

    Please contact us with questions and to schedule workshops.

    200 Adventure Ave., Greenland, MI 49929, info@adventureminetours.com (906)-883-3371

Group and Educational Tours

The Adventure Mining company can custom-fit activities to meet your needs. Boy/Girl Scout groups, college geology programs, school classes and many others can all take advantage of our location and knowledgeable staff. Contact us and we can help. Geology and mineral club groups are welcome, but we do not offer mineral collecting programs at this time. To help expedite your visit please review and have filled out our waiver for each of your group members. These need to be brought with you on your visit.


Prospectors and Miners tours both have a preffered minimum number of 2 participants. Space is limited on these tours. Please call ahead if you have a large group or strict time schedules. Participants in both of these tours must be in good health and have appropriate footwear. No open toed shoes, sandals, clogs, shoes with high heels, or other non-suitable footwear. Adventure Mining Company reserves the right to limit anyone's involvement in any tour for any reason that jeopardizes the safety of participant or staff.


Copper Sales

The Adventure Mining Company wholesales many natural copper products sourced from Michigan's Copper Country.

We now have an online store!

Our primary offerings are:

Natural Native Tumbled Copper Nuggets:

These nuggets are available in any size range from 1/4” up to 6”+. Nuggets are sold on a per-pound basis, or per-flat basis (for smaller nuggets).

Tumbled native copper nuggets from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This area known as the "Copper Country" or the "Keweenaw Peninsula" is known world wide for it's extremely pure and unique copper specimens.

Great for resale or use for jewelry making, medical uses, metaphysical properties, decorative pieces, educational and many others.

There are no purer natural native copper nuggets available anywhere. These have been tumbled and sorted by size. All are 100% pure native natural copper. Nothing ever from smelters or other sources! The copper has never been heated, melted or cast. These nuggets do sometimes contain some host rock as can be seen in the pictures.The pictures show average random samplings.

I tumble and sort these nuggets and sell them on a retail and wholesale basis. If you need large quantities contact me and I can help! I sell to many retailers who re-sell these at various shows, stores, even Ebay!

Native “Hackley” Copper:

This copper is basically “as formed” in the local host rock. Cleaned and lacquered to retain it's natural beauty.

Natural or Polished “Float” (Glacial Drift) Copper:

We can provide this in most any size range, contact us for more information.

Other Native Copper:

We have natural copper from dust to multiple ton pieces! Let us know what you are looking for...we probably have it!


MSHA Training


*The Adventure Mining Company is a privately owned independent training company, and is not supported by MSHA. Our instructor(s) and training plans used are MSHA approved. No other connection with MSHA is implied.

Mine Safety and Health Training

MSHA Part 48 Training
Metal - Non-Metal
Surface and Underground

MSHA Part 46 Training Assistance

We can provide training to meet MSHA requirements.

If you are a Contractor, Consultant, Delivery Driver or anyone else that will be working at any type of mining operation, you will need MSHA training before being allowed to work.

The Adventure Mining Company can custom tailor training to meet your and MSHA's requirements. Our instructors are MSHA certified and we have MSHA approved training plans that can be adapted for use by your company. Training can be provided at your location saving travel time and costs for multiple employees. We strive to provide real, useful, interactive training that prepares your workers for the mine environment.

Have questions? Don't know what you need?

Call us and we can help! We can often provide training on very short notice to meet your requirements!

Look through our links and below FAQ's for useful information!

MSHA Training Fees

Please note: If you are looking for training in Michigan (Non-Coal Mining), please click here: http://www.mine-safety.mtu.edu Dave Carlson will be able to assist you with scheduling, pricing and any other details. (pricing will be slightly different than as listed below).

For training anywhere outside of Michigan, the training fees are as follows:

Training Fees:

$600.00 per full 8-hour training day. (up to 10 Trainees. Additional $75.00 per person above 10)

Underground 32 or 40 hour “New Miner” classes will have a $200 per class materials fee, regardless of class size. 40 hour classes may be scheduled as four 10-hour days, the price will be the same either way.

All “New Miner” classes will include MSHA required First Aid/CPR training.
All travel expenses will be in addition to the training fees.
A suitable training location must be provided with adequate room for the class size.

Travel Fees:

Travel time is billed at $45.00 per hour of actual travel time.

Standard GSA Perdiem rates for lodging and meals are charged based on the training location. Click here for the GSA Perdiem rates for your training location: (www.gsa.gov/perdiem) Occasionally lodging may only be available at costs higher than the perdiem rate, in which case actual lodging costs will be billed.

Driving mileage will be charged at the GSA rate of $0.565 per mile both ways. Airline costs will be billed as actual costs. Rental cars, if required, will be billed as actual cost.

Short Notice of Scheduling Fee: We can often provide training on very short notice. If training is requested within 8 days or less of contacting us for scheduling, we will add a $300 short notice fee to the total training fees.

Total Training Fees Example:

The ELP Drilling Company is a specialized contractor and needs to have 12 employees trained for work at an underground Silver mining operation. As “New Miners” they will need 32 hours of classroom training. The company has provided a room at their office that is suitable for training, and has decided to complete the training in four 8-hour days. The training will occur in April of 2017 and will take place in Boulder, Colorado.

$2400.00 Four 8-hour training days @ $600/day
$200.00 Underground “New Miner” class fee
$150.00 Additional 2 trainees at $75.00 each (base training fee is for max. of 10 trainees)

Travel: (Based on Boulder, CO Perdiem rates)
$675.00 Estimated 15 hours @ $45/hour actual travel time
$505.00 Estimated Airline cost
$200.00 Estimated Car rental (4 days)
$436.00 Perdiem Lodging rate (4 nights @ $109/night)
$275.00 Perdiem Meals Rate (4.5 days @ $61/day)

$4841.00 (estimated)

MSHA Training FAQ

Who needs MSHA training?

Anyone who works on any type of mine site (underground or surface) needs to have MSHA “New Miner” training. There are some exceptions for those that are on site for a very short time (they will need to be escorted on site), or those that never leave their vehicle (such as a logging truck driver that is traversing through the mine site but not stopping). Each mine site will have it's own procedures that determine required training. It is best to contact the mine site directly for their site-specific policies. But in general, anyone working at a mine site for more than a day or two is required to have training.

What is the difference between Part 46 and Part 48 training?

Part 46 pertains to the following types of Surface Mining Operations:

Sand, Gravel, Stone, Crushed Stone, Limestone, Clay, Shell Dredging, and Colloidal Phosphate Mining.

Part 48 pertains to All Other Surface and Underground Mining Operations. If it's not listed above, it's under Part 48.

What's the difference?

Both Parts require the same amount and frequency of training. Under Part 46, the training plan must contain the required information as outlined in part 46.5-12. The training plan does not need to be submitted to MSHA for prior approval, but must be available to all miners and MSHA at any time. The mine person responsible for Health and Safety (there needs to be one) must verify all training and keep all records as required by MSHA. The safety instructors do not need to be MSHA certified, but must be deemed competent to perform the training. We have generic training plans that can be modified to assist a small mine operator in creating a plan that would be acceptable to MSHA. The following link will bring you to the Part 46 training portion of the MSHA website and has sample plans and other useful information. Click Here.

Part 48 Training Plans must be approved by MSHA prior to the start of any mining operations. If you are a contractor, you will be trained according to the Training Plan of the mine at which you will be working. Instructors must be MSHA certified (or approved by an MSHA certified instructor). Our training plans cover all MSHA required topics and are MSHA approved as a generic plan. If you are trained as a “New Miner” by us, you will receive all required training except for Site-specific and Task Training. These will be provided by the mining company at which you will be working, and may be from a few minutes to several hours in length (or more in certain cases). Every time you work at a new mine site, even if you have 20 years experience, you will be required to receive Site-specific training and any new task training that may be applicable.

Now...the grey area!

A miner trained under Part 46 will not be considered trained for a mine site that falls under Part 48, the miner will be considered a “New Miner” with no experience.

Please note!
If we are providing annual refresher training, we will need to see documentation verifying each miner's past training. If we cannot verify training, both MSHA and us will have to assume that the miner has not been properly trained and that he/she will need “New Miner” training. Keep all training records! This is very important, MSHA does not keep copies of past training!

How much training is required?

This depends on past experience and mine type.

For Non-Coal mines: (includes all sand, stone, metal and non-metal mines. Everything except coal mining)

“New Miner” Training: If you have never had any MSHA training in the past, you are required to have 24 hours of training for any surface mine and 40 hours of training for any underground mine. Depending on the mine and expected tasks, MSHA may allow only 24 hours of training for working at the surface areas only of an underground mine.

For Surface Non-Coal Mines we can provide the required 24 hours of training. You will just need any site/task specific training provided by the company where you will be working.

For Underground Non-Coal Mines MSHA states that "approximately" 8 hours of new miner underground training should occur at the mine...this is a little ambiguous and we can offer either a 32 hour program or up to 40 hours depending on the situaton. Talk with us and we can discuss what is best for you situation.

If you need both Surface and Underground “New Miner” training we can provide a combined class that will certify you in both. Call or email to discuss various details.

“Annual Refresher” Training: Anyone working at a mine site must have 8 hours of training each year. This applies to any type of surface or underground mine. If you want a combined Surface and Underground “Annual Refresher”, this is typically 12 hours of training. First Aid/CPR must be refreshed every three years.

For Coal Mines: (Includes coal mining only, nothing else)

Surface Coal Mines: “New Miner” training requires 24 hours of training.

Underground Coal Mines: "New Miner" training requires 40 hours of training for underground coal mines. There will be much more site-specific training required for Underground Coal mines than other type of mining. Some states also have state required training and documentation for coal mining.

We do not offer coal mine training at this time.

What does MSHA require you to learn?

MSHA has many specific topics that must be covered and many broad topics. We attempt to cater the training to mine-specific topics and also base it on the Trainees experience. If we are training Licensed Blasters, they probably know their area of expertise better than we do, so training will focus more on other topics. Where as if we are training Surveyors to work around blast-holes, we will focus much more on explosives safety! But regardless of your experience, if you have never worked on a mine site, you are required to complete “New Miner” training.

What is an appropriate training room/facility?

We will be traveling to your location, so what we can bring is limited. The room must have adequate space for and include seating with desks/tables and also space for practicing First Aid/CPR on the floor for all trainees (tables/chairs can be temporarily moved aside if space is tight).

We use a projector, so a screen or flat light colored wall is needed to project training materials onto. If the room has lots of windows, some way to darken the room enough to use a projector is also needed. A marker board/chalk board or similar is very helpful.

Lunch/Refreshments and restrooms need to be provided or available fairly close by so trainees can get lunch and restroom breaks in a reasonable amount of time.

We will bring all training materials and resources required. We will bring a projector and sound system for video presentations if one is not available.

Contact us:
Matthew Portfleet - Adventure Mining Company
45540 State HWY M26
Atlantic Mine, MI 49905


Gate Fabrication Services

If you are looking for high security and bat friendly closures we can provide design and fabrication services for many types of openings. The Adventure Mine site has enabled us to gain valuable hands-on experience in gate design and methods to resist break-in. Our tour operations demand that we build high security gates that are bat friendly but still allow for thousands of visitors to easily enter and exit the mine. Any gate can be compromised if the perpetrator is determined enough and has the proper equipment, but we can promise to make that task as difficult as possible.

We have a diverse staff with backgrounds in Mining Engineering, Surveying, and other Engineering trades and a wide range of equipment and vehicles to provide superior quality bat friendly closures.

In many cases funding is available and we can build bat friendly closures at little or no cost to the land owner.

This example features double doors for a clear opening width of 7'. This enables equipment access into the mine. Previously this opening had been vandalized numerous times. The last incident involved vandals pulling apart the old gate with a chain and vehicle doing considerable damage to the gate. The newly constructed gate was designed to resist damage by similar methods. Heavy Steel pins insert into steel plates at the top and bottom of the left hand door frame to secure the gate.

The right hand door then covers these pins when closed to prevent access to cutting the pins or attempts to release them from the outside. The bottom pin also inserts into a self-cleaning hole so that accumulations of dirt can't prevent the pin from properly latching.

Proper Gate Design

Bat friendly gates built by the Adventure Mining Company follow guidelines set forth by Bat Conservation International and others to allow easy bat access. The difficult part is to allow human access when required while keeping unwanted vandals out. Our designs incorporate many features to resist damage.

We have a diverse staff with backgrounds in Mining Engineering, Surveying, and other Engineering trades and a wide range of equipment and vehicles to provide superior quality bat friendly closures.

In many cases funding is available and we can build bat friendly closures at little or no cost to the land owner.

Common Break-in methods used:

When in college I spent many, many hours exploring abandoned mines both in Michigan and other locations. The friends I had then and myself took pride in our ability to access closed and gated mines while doing no damage to the closures or allowing others in after we had left. Looking back, we did some pretty stupid things, but I learned tricks to defeat gates and now use that experience to design gates to keep people like myself out. We never were purposely destructive, but it was surprisingly easy to temporarily deform the bars on a poorly designed gate or dig under a footing to allow access, and then return the gate to its previous state with no evidence of us having ever been there…

Digging Under a Gate

We always design a gate to be built into a bedrock footing if possible. If concrete is required, we normally cast a very heavy gauge steel angle iron plate into the concrete footing, along with rebar or other reinforcing. This prevents digging, but also prevents sledge hammering the concrete enough to break it and allow access. The steel plate also becomes the footing for the gate to be welded to, creating a strong, integral unit.

Bending or Deforming a Gate

This involves many possible tools from pry bars to vehicles and chains. We never use less than 3/8" thickness steel in any part of the gate. Heavier gauge is used where it is deemed necessary.

Hydraulic Jacks

This is a challenge. A person with a 10 ton portable jack can do a lot of damage. The best defense is to build the doors and other weak points tightly into a frame when locked, and build the entire gate frame tightly into the surrounding rock. Door hinges and lock shackles can't take multiple tons of force, but if the entire door is designed to contact the frame with very little movement, the force is transferred to the frame and then to the surrounding rock and not the hinges. The door will deform and be possibly damaged, but ideally not enough to allow access or render the door inoperable. We also try to limit areas jacks will fit when building a gate.

Cutting Torches

Stainless steel and other methods such as concrete filled components can be incorporated. Locking mechanisms are the weak point. Even a stainless steel padlock can be heated to the point of failure. We can discuss other options if this is a serious concern. Gates with no access doors are obviously easier to secure, but relatively torch resistant gates with doors can be constructed.

Portable Gas Powered Cut-off Saws

These are the biggest threat to gate security we currently know of. This is the tool we use to remove an old gate to be replaced quickly and easily. They are expensive tools ($1000 range), so not all that common in a typical vandals arsenal, but they are very difficult to combat and relatively light and easy to transport. A cut-off saw with a $200 rescue blade can cut concrete, rock, steel, stainless steel, and most anything else. A well designed gate will still take quite a bit of effort to cut through, and fortunately these saws are extremely noisy which is a deterrent. We will always strive to create the most secure gate possible.

Interested in a Bat-Friendly Mine Closure?

Contact us:
Matthew Portfleet
Adventure Mining Company
45540 State Hwy. M-26
Atlantic Mine, MI 49905


Adventure Trails and Recreation

Biking and Hiking Trails

Adventure Mine now has approximately 4 miles of biking and hiking trails around the mine site. These trails weave around many of the old mine building foundations, and historic pits on the site. The trails are open year round (except for the underground portion which is only available during the Miner's Revenge Bike Race). Please stop by and let us know you are here and we can provide you with a map.

Trail Map

View a printable trail map Here.

Miner's Revenge

The Miner's Revenge Mountain Bike Race will be held in July 2017, dates to be announced. More information can be found at www.minersrevenge.com. The race circles around the mine site, up, over, and down Adventure Mountain and Greenland Bluff, through foundations, and then through the first level of the mine from the #1 adit to the #2 (approximately 2000 feet).

Miners Revenge Logo
Soke Logo


SöKē stands for Southern Keweenaw Trails Association. It is a non-profit group dededicated to outdoor sports and recreation in the Southern Keweenaw and currently the organizer of the Miner's Revenge Bike Race. You can find out more about them on their Facebook Page.